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The Necromancer, The Artist :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
Night Terrors
Night Terrors
Intrusive roots so cold and deep
Reduce your night to a restless sleep.
Each new sight, reveals a new horror
Drifting in time, making minutes into hours.
Shackles of your imaginations hold you tight.
You wake up screaming every night.
What is it that hold you down?
That makes you thrash and while in your mind, you drown
In darkness until morning's light?
No rest did you get again, this night.
Time and time it happens again,
Stirring up the madness within.
Each new sleep, an unending, tenuous labour
Ever seeking Morpheus' favour
For a simple, restful, peace sleep,
Instead of wailing moans and evil things that creep.
You try again, to close your eyes,
Hoping this time to you'll be satisfied
With a dreamless or even pleasant sleep.
But again in chains, you begin to weep,
As darkness keeps you taught and bound,
No one can hear you make a sound.
As often in a hellish dream,
no one will ever hear you scream.
Brad Crossman
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 0
The Nephilim's Father
The Nephilim's Father
Broken angel, fallen from grace
Regret flows down my haunted face.
A crime of passion, a sin of love
Tossed me to the ground from above.
To know the light, to feel it within
Then to lose it. How can love be a sin?
Two lovers from two worlds separated,
One a human, the other: angel, with guilt saturated
from heaven's light and bountiful power.
This eternity, is my darkest of hours.
I'm forced to wander forever, until when?
Will He ever let me come back home again?
To love a woman of Earth, my only sin.
I would gladly do it all over again.
Our loved formed a son, like yours did for them?
Is this love, my passion, for them truly a sin?
Father forgive me for my weak day
But know it was love, that led me astray.
I thought I knew who I served, and who You are.
But now I feel empty when I look to the stars.
Where are you now, god of love?
Did you turn your back on me, Creator above?
Even if you forever damn me with sin,
I still ask you bless my new family and kin.
They a
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 0
The Three Brigands
The Three Brigands
I walk alone in the darkness of the woods, a scarred man.
The forest is full of beasts and monsters.
I seem unafraid, perhaps even foolish in my confidence, but I am no fool.
I have seen much and lived to see beyond any obstacle I've faced.
There they stand, three brigand brothers, blocking my path.
“This road to city is taxed on our authority.
All who pass must pay us tribute.”
They laugh. People like them always do. I say nothing, unmoved at their attempt at intimidation.
There are three thugs: a liar, a thief and a murderer. Each one more menacing than the last.
“Didn't you hear us boy? Pay up or this is the end of the road.”
The murderer makes a cutting notion across his throat with his thumb. A crooked smiled crosses his face. I smile, they somehow feel themselves different than the others who block my way to excellence.
“If you see a boy in front of you, you are mistake. I am very old, I've lived a thousand lives and made many mist
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
My Daily Pagan Affirmation by AxelofEaldormere My Daily Pagan Affirmation :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 2 0
Stand Up
Stand Up
It's not a matter of how tall you stand.
Its that you take a stand at all.
When you take a hit, the bastards trip you,
They hit you and make you fall.
Stand up again, you've been through the pain.
Make them bleed for ever mark they maul.
Stand up. Just one more time, ok?
One more time, every time they make you fall.
You can do it. They cannot win.
If you stand up, again and again, through it all
If they can't kill you, it makes you stronger,
If you stand,even just a little, every time you fall.
Hear your voice is swelling withing you.
Hear your rising battle call
You will be stronger when its over.
If you stand through it all.
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
5 Ways Being in CS Helped Me Spiritually
5 Ways Being Customer Service Sales Representative has Helped me with Spirituality
1) Smile, be friendly to people, they'll be more interested in what you have to say
2) Pay attention to what you're doing. How other perceive you is how they perceive who you represent.
3) It takes many people to fuel your organization, those serving and those being may not like them all, or understand where they are coming from but you must get along and work with each other.
4) You can make great friends at both work and in faith that can help you through your life journey do not see them as simply “people I do my thing with then go home”. You are a unit, a community.
5) When someone gets mad because you made a mistake, doesn't like your organization or doesn't like you....”kill them with kindness” as they say....losing yourself to wrath only calls down the wrath of the Big Boss...and gets you nowhere for winning over this angry person. Being the bigger person, keep
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
The Firebird
The Firebird
King of second chances;
No stares nor long glances
Shall reveal thy nature to me,
Light or dark, you are a mystery.
Shall I be burned or remain,
or be consumed by his spark?
Take me with you great king, firebird!
Remake me, one of you flock, your herd.
Into ashes, the smoke hits the skies
How long firebird until we arise?
Soon the smoulder starts again
the spark, the fire, the inferno begins.
But when, oh when, will I transform,
From this soot, this ash-bound form?
To rise again and be one with the skies,
To take to wing and soar
I wanted so much, so much more.
When can I join you, oh great firebird,
And join 'he who never dies'?
Brad Crossman
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 0
Ten Things I Learned From Wolves-Finished by AxelofEaldormere Ten Things I Learned From Wolves-Finished :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 2 0
Ten Things I Learned from Wolves
Ten Things I Learned From Wolves
(By: Brad Crossman)
1) Wolves are like people- we both have a strong sense of culture, family and friendships.
2) Do not expect civility from people, just like you would not expect civility from wolves. We are all animals and sometimes we act like them. Both mankind and wolves however, are capable of acts of kindness and love.
3) A Pack is a family. It contains blood relatives, distant cousins and good friends...don't mess with the pack. You mess with one, you mess with us all! That is how it should be.
4) Pups are raised by not just the birth mom but the whole pack. Wolves understand it takes a village to raise a child. We should listen and help our pack members raise their children, together. We all have to live with the person they grow up to be, so why not shape it the best way we can; with love from the whole pack.
5) A note on dominance: You are the Alpha in your own life. When someone knocks you down to establish dominance over you, you have two
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 0
The Free Will Stand
We will fight for our land,
And against those who
would dare take it from us.
They may break our bones and spill
our blood and crush the stones around us,
They may take our lives, our will.
We will still make our stand,
Until the wind roars with our name.
But we will na'er die, our spirits will live on!
Who dares oppose this free land? Who?
The free will live on!
The free will live on!
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 0
Untitled by AxelofEaldormere Untitled :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
End Dreams
End Dreams
At the end of the world
Ablaze in fire
Have I accomplished
My Lord's desire?
With life now lived,
Have I done the best that I can,
To love my neighbour?
To be a good man?
I Know I've sinned,
That much is true
May I be forgiven
while I pray for you.
While the world ends around me
I must hold on and dream
That I won't be forgotten
On this broken world scene
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
Light Bringer's Shell- A Warding off of Evil
Light Bringer's Shell- A Warding-off of Evil
God in Fire
Chaos and Ice.
Master of darkness,
God of Vice.
Scourge of Angels,
Tyrant of Hell,
Smile at the Emptiness
Archon who Fell.
Taker of All,
Giver of None.
Keeper of Souls
'til Time is Done.
Leave me be:
I Loathe your Touch.
I be Not Yours.
My Soul is Clean, as Such.
With Angels as my Shield,
And the Light my Guide,
I Repel the Dark
With God at my Side.
I Fear You Not,
O Sad Prince of Hell.
You Cannot Have Me
Light Bringer's Shell.
:iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0
Amtgard 1 Photo by Randy Scott by AxelofEaldormere Amtgard 1 Photo by Randy Scott :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 0 0 New Kit for 2011 by AxelofEaldormere New Kit for 2011 :iconaxelofealdormere:AxelofEaldormere 1 2


Axini the Kobold Scholar by AfterAllDawn Axini the Kobold Scholar :iconafteralldawn:AfterAllDawn 4 0 Kobold Champion by DreamChronicler Kobold Champion :icondreamchronicler:DreamChronicler 8 2 Neera, kobold cleric/grappling hook by FiskpinneRudderbutt Neera, kobold cleric/grappling hook :iconfiskpinnerudderbutt:FiskpinneRudderbutt 60 8 Compact crossbow 3 by Noctiped Compact crossbow 3 :iconnoctiped:Noctiped 17 7 The Sandman by jhicks The Sandman :iconjhicks:jhicks 5 4 Binding of Loki by samflegal Binding of Loki :iconsamflegal:samflegal 659 102 Medieval European Armour Sketch by Iron-sage Medieval European Armour Sketch :iconiron-sage:Iron-sage 49 9 Armour sketches by Zombiesmile Armour sketches :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 280 17 Armour type by azzard Armour type :iconazzard:azzard 1 1 Dedica per San Valentino by Panaiotis Dedica per San Valentino :iconpanaiotis:Panaiotis 19 9 Fox tail tutorial 2 by TwirlyFoxy Fox tail tutorial 2 :icontwirlyfoxy:TwirlyFoxy 58 8 Red Hawk Mask by Niennis Red Hawk Mask :iconniennis:Niennis 43 22 Tauren - AppleBlossom by frisket17 Tauren - AppleBlossom :iconfrisket17:frisket17 3,941 557 sigh... by nebezial sigh... :iconnebezial:nebezial 9,693 701


This group is designed to help all costume enthusiasts from  various genres and fandoms to collaborate with ideas, sharing of free tutorials/patterns, pictures of finished work and overall communication and advice. If the FB group is successful a free website is in the works to better accomodate our needs. If you or anyone you know are loooking for aid in costuming, just check us out on FB.

We accomodate to all genres: Steampunk, LARP, SCA/Medieval/Renaissance, Historical reinactment, Theatre groups, Post-Apocolyptic, Cosplayers, you name it!

We are also in midst of designing a freelance trading/merchant area for those with finished wares whod like to sell/trade.

I'll be searching DA for artists with tutorials and inviting them to join. This is a free group (and eventually website) and always will be and is designed to be family freindly.




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